Basilisk Self-healing Concrete

Basilisk Self-healing concrete is developed at the Delft University of Technology and is based on an autonomous repair system, which is made possible by limestone-producing micro-organism (bacteria). When the bacteria come in contact with oxygen and water they are capable of converting certain nutrients to calcium carbonate (limestone).

The autonomous repair system is accommodated in several products, which are suitable for both new and existing concrete structures. The products of Basilisk can be added to the concrete mixture (Basilisk Healing Agent) or may be used as a repair system for the repair of existing concrete structures (Basilisk Repair Mortar and Basilisk Liquid Repair System).

Features & Benefits:

  • Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete can repair cracks autonomously
  • Increase the durability and density of concrete
  • Healing Agent HA, for the new build structure
  • Self-healing Repair Mortar MR3, for existing structure
  • Liquid Repair System ER7, for existing structure